You can create teams to group employees in your company, like in departments or in units like Management, Sales, Marketing etc. A team is a group of members with one or several managers.

Create team and assign employees

  1. Go to Settings / Company structure / Teams and click on Create team
  2. Enter team name and click Save and continue
  3. Open the Managers tab and click Assign button to assign a Teammanager. Assigning a Teammanager is not necessarily needed.
  4. Open the Members tab and click Assign button. Mark employees you would like to assign and click Save changes button

A Team manager will be responsible for managing their team members' time off requests. Team manager has access to their team members' profile data except the payroll data.

Please note that Team managers cannot edit teams, and assign or unassign members. Multiple teams can be managed by the same Team manager. A team can have several Team managers.


Delete team

  1. Go to Settings / Company structure / Teams
  2. Click on the team you like to delete and click Delete team button
  3. Confirm by deletion on confirmation dialog

The selected team will be permanently deleted. This cannot be undone. All assigned employees will be unassigned from this team.

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