Set time off type rules

  1. Go to Time off page
  2. Open the Policies tab
  3. Click on the policy you want to edit
  4. Navigate to Time off types tab
  5. Click on the time off type you want to set up
  6. Configure time off rules
  7. Click Save changes

Time off type rules

Within a policy you can define the rules for every time off type.

Allocation type

Standard  --> Limited amount of days allowed (e.g. Vacation)
Unlimited --> Unlimited amount of days allowed (e.g. Sick leave)

Total allowance

The amount of time off (in days) employees can take per holiday year

Renewal date

On the date of renewal date time off balances for standard time off types will be set to total allowance

Accrual frequency

This shows how often employees accrue time off

Carry over

You can enable or disable carry over option for unused days

Carry over limit

Define the number of days employees can carry over

Expiration date

Unused days will be deducted/expire on the expiration date

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