Notification by email

The requester always receives an email notification of the time off request. As soon as it is approved or declined, the requester will also receive an email notification.

Team manager receives an email notification of requests from his team members.

Administrator receives an email notification of requests from team managers, other admins and employees who are either not assigned to a team or do not have a team manager.

Account owner will only receive an email notification of time off requests if there is no other administrator.

Awaiting review requests on the dashboard

Administrators and account owner can view the time off requests of all employees, including their own, on the dashboard.

Team managers can view their own and their team members' time off requests on the dashboard.

Employees only see their own time off requests on the dashboard

Approving and declining requests

An owner or admin can approve, decline or cancel time off requests from any employee including themselves.

A team manager is responsible for approving, declining and cancelling time off requests from own team members.

If the account owner or administrators are assigned to a team as a team member, the responsible team manager can also approve their time off requests.

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