Removing or deactivating an employee user account from the kiwiHR frees up an employee user seat which can then be taken over by a different user at no additional charge. When there are available seats and a new employee account is created we will not process any charges. If there are unused user seats at the point of subscription renewal, we will update your subscription payment charge based on number of active employee accounts in your company. We will not charge you for unused user seats in the next billing period.


An example billing scenario for company on the monthly billing plan, which costs $3.50 per employee per month. Voyager Inc. has 14 active employee accounts and 14 seats available. 10 days into a monthly billing period, an employee account is deactivated which frees up one user seat. 3 days later a new employee account is created which takes the unused user seat. No additional charges issued. At the end of the monthly billing cycle the payment charge will be processed for 14 employee user accounts.

How do I check how many user seats are available?

  1. Go to the Account page
  2. The number of available seats is visible in the subscription overview section.
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