Standard time off types

Vacation, Sick leave and Compensantory are standard time off types. You can create other types like Training or Remote and enable them in any time off policies then.

Add custom time off type

  1. Go to Settings / Time off

  2. Click on Types and then on the Add type button

  3. Enter time off type name (must be unique) and click Add button

Visibility of the label

The name of time off types can be displayed as "Out of office" for employees. This way, time off types like "Sickness" will be shown as "Out of office" on public calendars. Admins and team managers from team members will still see the original label.

Deleting and editing time off types

You can edit the name or delete an existing time off type. Please note that deleting or changing name of a time off type will affect the policies that include this time off type. All assigned employees will be unassigned from this time off type.

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