When new events appear in your kiwiHR calendar, it is possible to synchronise them with the calendar of your choice.

How to export your calendar

  1. Go to Calendar

  2. At the top right click on Export

  3. Customise your configuration

  4. Copy/paste the link

How to synchronise kiwiHR calendar with Google, Outlook and Apple calendar

Google Calendar

  1. Open your Google Calendar

  2. Click on "Add other calendars”

  3. Select URL

  4. Copy the URL link generated by kiwiHR

  5. Click on "Add calendar”

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Go to Outlook

  2. Open the Calendar tab

  3. Click on "Add calendar" and select "from URL"

  4. Copy the URL link generated by kiwiHR

  5. Enter the name of the calendar

  6. Click on "Save"

Display several calendars at the same time in Outlook

  1. In Calendar, in the Navigation Panel, select the checkbox of another calendar you want to display

  2. Under the Calendar tab, click on Show in Overlay Mode

  3. To add another calendar to the overlay, repeat step 2

Apple Calendar

  1. Open the iCal app

  2. Choose the file -> "New calendar..."

  3. Copy the URL link generated by kiwiHR

  4. Click on subscribe

  5. In the dialog box, select "every hour" to have the calendar updated

  6. Click on "ok" to confirm

How regularly are the calendars synchronised?

Google and Outlook update every 24 hours. On Apple, it is up to you to configure the regularity according to your preferences.

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