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kiwiHR for employees
kiwiHR for employees

Guide to the functions for employees

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Welcome to kiwiHR!

With kiwiHR you will save time on your administrative tasks!

Do you have questions? We answer them! (depending on the subscription formula chosen by your company, some features may not be activated on your account).

How to make a time off request?

A time off request is done in kiwiHR by clicking on the + button at the top right of your account. If necessary, a comment or an attachment can be added.

The calculation of days off is done in working days

If the calculation of paid vacation days is done in working days in your company, here's how to apply your vacation:

- You need to take a week of vacation? Select Monday through Saturday in your request period.

- You are taking two weeks of vacation? Select Monday through Saturday of the following week in your request period.

Who approves my vacation request?

The request can be approved or denied by an account administrator or your team manager. You can cancel a request while it is being approved or if the time off date has not yet passed. All details here.

Synchronize the kiwiHR calendar with my other calendars

You can synchronize the calendar of kiwiHR with that of Google Calendar iCal, Apple, or Outlook. More details here.

How to enter my working hours?

There are three ways to enter your working hours:

  • Use the digital time clock located in the Dashboard

  • Click on Timesheet entry in the + button at the top right of your account

  • If the administrator of your company's kiwiHR account has set up an automatic entry of your hours, no entry is required. However, you can change your hours at any time and add additional hours.

More details here.

How to create an expense report?

You can create an expense report by clicking on the + button at the top right of your account. It can also be done directly in the Expense report module. An attachment can be added.

How to share my documents?

You can share all types of documents with your team leader and administrators of the account kiwiHR.

To do this, simply go to My Profile / Documents and choose in which folder you want to share your document.

How to use kiwiHR on smartphone

All features are also available on smartphones. Here is how to use kiwiHR on iPhone and Android.

How to install kiwiHR on your desktop

You can install a shortcut to the kiwiHR application on your desktop. This feature is currently possible with Chrome, Edge and Opera browsers. Here's how to do it.

How to change or reset your password?

Forgot your password or want to change it? Follow our instructions here.

How to integrate kiwiHR with Slack

Your company uses the communication space Slack?

In this case, you can make time off requests directly from your Slack account. To integrate kiwiHR with Slack, simply click on your photo in the top right of your kiwiHR account and then go to Integrations.

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