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The dashboard displays important information in different sections.

Pending / Notifications

This section shows time off requests and expense reports that are pending validation.

Related events are listed as notifications that you can mark as read.

My time off balances

This section displays the balances of the absence types configured in your time off policy.

You can make a request by clicking on the + icon that appears on the absence balances.

Digital time clock

The digital time clock allows users to start and stop time tracking. The recorded times are added to the time sheets.

It also displays the remaining working time.

It is possible to select a project on which time is recorded and add a note to describe the activity.


Here you can find the absences of the day. You can also consult previous or future absences by clicking on the arrows at the top.

Upcoming events

This section announces important events coming up in the next 14 days, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays or job starts. Team managers and administrators can also see the end of employment, as well as the end of probationary periods.

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