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Accessible to administrators and managers (view limited to their direct reports)

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Attendance can be found in the category Attendance > Statements.

Statements give an overview in hours of the activity of employees over a defined period.

You can choose a day, week, month or select an interval by clicking on the displayed date.

The overview shows a count of the hours for the defined period.

  • Expected: number of hours expected to be worked

  • Tracked: number of hours worked

  • Absence: number of hours credited by absences

  • P. holidays: number of hours credited by public holidays

  • Total hours: sum of hours worked + absences + public holidays

  • Balance: difference between expected attendance and total hours

  • Overtime: number of overtime hours recorded

  • Vouchers: number of meal vouchers granted according to hours worked

The entries displayed can also be exported in CSV format by clicking on the Export button.

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