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My attendance

Accessible to all employees

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Go to Attendance / My attendance

kiwiHR allows employees to enter their working hours and get a count based on expected attendance.

Administrators can activate an overtime account that updates based on hours worked.

Working time entries

This page displays the employee's working hours, absences and holidays for the defined period. It is possible to choose a day, a week, a month or to select an interval by clicking on the displayed date.

Working times and breaks can be added by dragging the mouse over the desired day and clicking on the corresponding button. These entries can be modified or deleted.

Only administrators can add entries for the following month.

A limit of days can be set to add, modify or delete entries in the past.

If individual break rules are not followed, a warning will be displayed on the timesheet.

The entries displayed can also be exported in CSV format by clicking on the Export button.


The summary displays a count of the hours for the defined period.

  • Expected attendance: expected number of working hours depending on the assigned typical working week

  • Tracked: number of hours worked

  • Absences: number of hours credited by absences

  • Holidays: number of hours credited by holidays

  • Total hours: sum of hours worked + absences + public holidays

  • Balance: difference between expected attendance and total hours

  • Meal vouchers: number of vouchers granted according to hours worked

  • Overtime: number of overtime hours recorded


This section displays the number of hours recorded on the different projects over the defined period.

Working times for which no project has been selected are displayed as uncategorised.

Working hours

This section displays the working hours and the expected number of hours for each day worked in the week.

Overtime balances

This section shows the current overtime balance. A button allows access to the details of the calculation of this balance.

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