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Recording of working hours and breaks
Recording of working hours and breaks

How to enter working times and breaks

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On kiwiHR, you can manage your working time or breaks. Managers can also validate them via the timesheet validation feature if it is enabled.

Digital time clock (dashboard)

The digital time clock allows employees to start and stop time tracking. The recorded times are added to the time sheets. It also displays the remaining working time.

When you enter or edit your timesheet, you can add a note if you need to describe the activity or provide some context.

Working time entries (my attendance)

You can add, edit or delete your working times and breaks by clicking on + Add time on any.

⚠️ A timesheet editing limit of days can be set to modify entries in the past.

⚠️ Only an administrator can add entries for the following month.

Quick add + (top menu)

You can add a timesheet with the + at the top right of the screen.

You can then choose to add a working time or a break.

Automatic entry (settings)

When an administrator activates automatic entry, the timesheet is automatically filled in on a daily basis according to the configured standard week.

⚠️ When absence requests are made for the same day or for a previous period, the working hours of the days concerned must be deleted manually.

Changing work hours after validation

When an employee changes their work hours on an already approved timesheet, an error message appears to warn them the timesheet needs to be approved again.

If the employee deletes or edits their previously entered timesheet, the timesheet needs to be validated again.

If the employee wants to enter extra hours, the change to the new timesheet entry cannot overlap with the previously typed entry.

Instead, the second timesheet entry must be before or after the previously entered hours.

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