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My time off

Available to all employees

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Go to Time off / My time off

kiwiHR allows employees to view their balances and make time off requests.

Time off balances

This section displays the days taken and days remaining of the types of absence available to employees.

A request can be made using the + that appears when dragging the mouse over the desired absence type.

By clicking on a balance, the details are displayed.

It is possible to choose a type of absence and an accumulation period to consult it:

  • the balance settlement

  • linked requests

  • rules associated with the time off type

Upcoming absences

This page lists upcoming absences such as paid time off, other types of absences and public holidays.

By clicking on a request, the details are displayed.

Employees can cancel requests for future absences here.


The approvers section shows the persons responsible for validating the employee's time off requests.

Time off policy

The time off policy assigned to the employee is indicated here.

It is possible to view the policy details for all associated time off types.

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