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Pay runs (Plus)

Accessible to administrators

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Go to Payroll / Pay runs

You can create pay runs that collect all employee pay, absences and working time over a defined pay period together. These payroll variables can be exported and shared with an accountant, for example. Once available, pay slips can be made available to employees.

This page shows the current pay run, already closed pay runs can be viewed via the “Show closed pay runs” button.

A new pay run can be started by:

  • defining a payroll period

  • selecting a payday

  • specifying an approver for the pay run

You can then assign employees who are part of the pay run.

kiwiHR thus displays information about the pay, absences and working hours of the employees assigned to the defined period.

Changes or additional payments during the period are indicated by symbols.

This data can be exported in CSV format and sent to an accountant, for example, so that he or she can issue pay slips.

When salary slips are available, they can be downloaded for each employee.

When the data is complete and verified, the pay run can be closed.

Assigned employees are notified and can view their data in the 'My payroll' tab.

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