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My expenses (Plus)

Accessible to all employees

Updated over a week ago

Go to the category Expenses > My Expenses.

kiwiHR allows you to submit expense records for validation.

This page displays the expense reports you have submitted.

A filter enables you to limit the displayed expenses by setting various criteria.

It is also possible to filter the notes by defining a time-period.

You can fill in several fields when submitting an expense record.

  • Supplier: name of the restaurant, transport company, etc.

  • Category: categories for grouping expenses can be configured

  • Expense date: date of the expense or invoice

  • Amount including VAT: total amount, including VAT

  • VAT: absolute value of VAT

  • Reimbursable payment: defines whether this payment should be reimbursed to the employee

  • Description: additional information

  • Attachment: invoice or other file corresponding to the expense record

After submission, a notification is sent to the employee's administrator or manager. They can then validate, reject or mark the note as reimbursed.

The approvers section shows the persons responsible for validating the employee's expense claims.

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