Go to Settings / Configuration / Company structure - Teams

A team allows you to group your employees into departments or services (Marketing, IT, ...). A team can have one or more managers with additional rights over the team members.

A team can be assigned to several employees.

You can create, modify or delete teams as required.


You can enter the name of the team. This must be unique and can be changed at any time.

You can also delete the team. All employees will be unassigned from this team.


Team managers have additional rights to manage their team members. For example, they can validate absence requests or add working hours for their team.

You can find more details in Settings / Roles and authorisations.

A team can have several managers. Several teams can be managed by the same team manager.

To unassign a team manager, click on the - button on the right.


You can assign members to a team.

An employee can only be assigned to one team.

To unassign an employee, click on the - button on the right.

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