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Work schedules

Accessible to administrators

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Go to Settings / Configuration / Attendance - Work schedules

Work schedules define the days and hours that employees work. The schedules also allow rules for overtime and meal vouchers to be applied.

A work schedule can be assigned to several employees.

You can create, modify or delete schedules as required.


You can enter the name of the work schedule. This must be unique and can be changed at any time.

You can also delete the schedule. All employees will be unassigned from this schedule.


Working week

Under Model you can choose between Schedule, Expected hours and Flexible to determine the model that suits your employees.

Schedule: Define the employees' regular working hours and breaks and select their working days. These settings are used for calculating the expected working hours and overtime and allow you to use automatically filled working times.

Expected number of hours: Define the regular working days per week of the employees and set the hours to be worked per day. These settings are used for the calculation of overtime.

Flexible: Specify only the working days of the employees, without expected working times. Only the times recorded by the employee are transferred to the system.

Timesheet autofill

By activating timesheet autofill, the timesheet is automatically filled in on a daily basis according to the configured standard week. These entries can be modified afterwards.


Overtime rules

If this option is activated, an overtime account is displayed for employees assigned to this time schedule. This account is updated by the employees' working hours balance.

Calculator frequency

Overtime is calculated on a monthly or daily basis. Updating is done either on the first day of each month (monthly basis) or every day (daily basis).

All adjustments to working hours, i.e. the addition or removal of working hours, affect the current overtime account. It does not matter whether the adjustment affects past or future working hours.

Time tracking (Plus)

Time entry limit

If this option is activated, employees can only change their working time within the defined number of days.

Meal vouchers

If this option is activated, employees are given one meal voucher per day when they reach the defined minimum number of hours.

Required Breaks

Individual break rules can be set here. If the rules are not followed, a warning will be displayed on the employee's timesheet.


You can assign several employees to a schedule.

The assigned employees are subject to the working times and rules defined in the time schedule.

An employee can only be assigned to one schedule.

To unassign an employee, click on the - button on the right.

📌 Please note: A change in an employee's work schedule applies immediately and retrospectively from the 1st day of the current month.

If necessary, overtime values can be adjusted manually after the calculation.

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