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Time off Types

Accessible to administrators

Updated over a week ago
Go to Settings / Configuration / Time off - Types

The available time off types can be selected and configured within the time off policies assigned to employees. There are several standard types (Paid Leave, Sick Leave, and Telework). Other customised absence types can be added or deleted.

Time off type name

You can enter the time off type name (except for standard types). This name must be unique and can be changed at any time.

You can also delete the absence type (except for standard types). All employees will be unassigned to this type.

Display colour (Plus)

You can define a colour for any customised time off type. This allows you to differentiate between the time off types visually, especially in the company calendar.


You can decide whether to display the name of the absence type in the calendar or to hide it as 'Absence' for employees (e.g. for sick leave). It remains visible to the team managers of the absent employee and to the administrators in this case.

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