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kiwiHR Plus features
kiwiHR Plus features
The additional features of kiwiHR Plus allow you to get the most of your HR solution
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Calendar timeline

With the Calendar timeline, you can spot overlapping days of absence, plan further ahead and provide a transparent overview for everyone.

Custom employee data fields

Custom fields allow you to customize the information you want to track about your employees. For each section you can add new fields with date, number or text formats and get the most complete database possible.

Approval Flows

The approval flows allow you to define the employees who are responsible for validating absence and expense requests. It is also possible to create a two-stage process and select one or more final approvers.

You can create, modify or delete the new processes according to your needs.


The activity table helps you to monitor the daily activity of employees. It gives you a clear view of hours worked on projects, absences and remote employees.

Project time tracking

When recording their working time, employees can specify the time spent on a project. In order to get an overview, kiwiHR generates reports showing the cumulative hours allocated to these projects. These reports can be exported and filtered by employee and project.


You can view your employees' overtime balances and adjust or export balances directly.

Timesheet editing limit

You can define a limit of days during which your employees can add and modify their working time.

Required Breaks

Individual break rules can be set here. If the rules are not followed, a warning will be displayed on the employee's timesheet.


You can create a pay run that includes all salaries, absences and working time for the defined payroll period. These payroll variables are exportable. The pay sheets can be downloaded to each employee's profile.

Additional pay types

You can create remuneration types to record recurring or one-off bonuses for employees, as well as other additional payments. These will be taken into account in the payroll run.


Find a summary table of the remuneration of each employee with their basic salary and any additional pay.

Meal vouchers

Benefit from a report giving you the exact number of meal vouchers to allocate monthly to each of your employees.

Expense reports

Your teams can submit their expense reports for validation from their computer or smartphone. Each expense report can be approved, rejected or marked as reimbursed in one click by the manager. Expense report categories are customisable.
In addition, all expenses can be filtered by various criteria and also be exported.

Customisable document folders with access levels

You can set up company and employee folders and define access levels for uploaded documents.

Change history

The change history lists the data entry changes to the employee's profile.


Notes allows you to record and store confidential information on each employee profile. This information is only visible to administrators.

Company announcements

Keep all your employees up to date on news and changes with company announcements. Each employee is notified by email and can view the release directly in their kiwiHR account.

Company logo

By uploading, you can place your company logo in the tool.

Customise time off types by colour

You can define a colour for each time off type added. This allows a better visibility of absences in the company calendar.

Weekly time off usage limit

You can set a weekly usage limit for days taken for all types of absence. Employees are notified when their request exceeds the configured limit.

Unlimited storage space

While the storage space for documents stored in company and employee folders is limited to 10 GB in the Starter plan, kiwiHR Plus offers you unlimited storage space for documents.

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