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Approval Flows (Plus)
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The approval flows allow you to define the employees who are responsible for validating absence and expense requests. It is also possible to create a two-stage process and select one or more final approvers.

You can create, modify or delete the new processes according to your needs.

The default approval flow applies to any situation that is not defined in other approval flow. This cannot be changed or deleted.

How to create a new approval flow

Please go to Settings > Configuration > Approval flows.

Select “Add approval flow” in the upper right corner.

You will be guided through the menu step by step. All settings can be changed later.

  1. You will be asked to choose a name. Then click “next.”

  2. Then you can choose the request type this workflow should be used for.

    • Time off requests

    • Expenses

    • Timesheets validation

    You can choose multiple options. Click “next.”

  3. Now you can assign the approvers.

    If you would like to add a second stage to the approval flow, just scroll down and activate the toggle next to “enable second stage approvals” and add the final approver.

    Please keep in mind that if the second stage is activated, requests need to be approved by a final approver.

    📌 For timesheet validation, final approvers will be treated as regular approvers.

    Click “next.”

  4. Assign employees whose requests should be approved by this flow.

    Click “Save approval flow.”

The approval flow can still be added in Settings > Configuration > Approval flows by clicking on the approval flow.

Then you will see a menu that basically summarizes the steps of the approval flow creation.

Approval flow settings


The summary informs you about the selected approval types, approvers and employees assigned to the approval flow.

Approval types

Here you can change which requests should be approved in the defined process.


You can assign and edit approvers for the approval flow.

A second approval step with assigned final approvers can also be activated here.


Here you can assign more employees to the approval flow or edit them.


Here you can enter the name of the approval flow. This must be unique and can be changed at any time.

You can delete the approval flows at any time. All employees are removed from this process and will be assigned to the default process.

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