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Demo Data
Updated over a week ago

When you open Kiwi for the first time, you find data in all categories to play with and get accustomed to the functionality.

The data is here for you to try anything on Kiwi and test how the system reacts when you make changes before entering your employee’s data. It also shows you what data looks like on Kiwi to see all the benefits Kiwi can bring to your organization.

Playing with the data is the best way to understand how to enter your own company’s data. It also allows you to make radical changes, delete key data, and witness any unintentional consequences to understand better how to use Kiwi.

You can add as many users to the demo data as you want to try real-life scenarios. Remember any data added before clearing demo data is erased when you start your subscription.

Once you want to start using Kiwi for your own company, click Clear Demo Data in the top right corner and click Select a plan in the top left corner.

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