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Timesheet validation
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As a supervisor, you can use timesheet validations to make sure everything's on track with how your team logs their hours, ensure it all lines up with your company and your country's regulations. You have the right to look over timesheets to see if anyone's logging too much overtime or forgetting to log their work time. It's optional, but it's a smart way to keep a clear picture of when and how much your team is working.

How to enable timesheet validation

Timesheet validation needs to be enabled for each individual schedule.

1. To enable it, go to Settings > Configuration > Attendance > Work Schedule

2. Select a work schedule.

3. Click Timesheet validation in the menu and click on the toggle.

4. And click Save changes.

Once Timesheet validation is enabled in a work schedule, every employee assigned to it requires for their work hours to be approved by their supervisor. By default the supervisor is the employee’s manager unless this is changed in the Approval flows.

How to validate timesheets

1. Go to the Attendance category on the left side and click Timesheet validation.

2. Select an employee.

If there is a number next to an employee's name, it indicates how many timesheets need to be checked. If a green icon appears, no timesheet needs to be validated.

Once you access an employee’s timesheet, the amount of hours scheduled and the number of hours tracked are indicated next to the employee’s name.

When you click on a day, you can see the daily timesheet in detail and click on Approve if the number of hours corresponds to what is expected.

📌 If an employee has worked less hours than expected, the number of hours is indicated with a minus to indicate the hours missing.

📌If the employee has ignored the Required breaks alert, a warning message appears on the timesheet and the validation panel.

You can also approve all timesheets for an employee in bulk and click on Approve all timesheets.

Once you have approved all timesheets for an employee, a green tick box appears next to the name of the employee.

Afterwards, the timesheet remains approved unless something changes, such as the employee changing the number of hours.

Changing work hours after validation

When an employee changes their work hours on an already approved timesheet, an error message appears to warn them the timesheet needs to be approved again.

If the employee delete or edit their previously entered timesheet, the timesheet needs to be validated again.

If the employee wants to enter extra hours, the change to the new timesheet entry cannot overlap with the previously typed entry.

Instead, the second timesheet entry must be before or after the previously entered hours.

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