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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

An overview of most frequently asked questions by our users.

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🟩 Configuration

Is it possible to select a designated user to be the owner of new incoming leave requests and have them receive (email) notifications?

All admins will receive an email notification. However, an employee whom has a manager assigned to them will receive a notification instead of the admins. Still, admins have acces to Time off > Requests and are always able to accept submitted requests.

With approval flows (available in our Plus Plan) you are able to select multiple users to receive a time off request notification. Additionally, you can also enable a second stage approval with this feature. You can set this up under Settings > Configuration > Company structure > Approval flows.

🟩 Employee data management

What is the difference between the "invite employees" and "add employees" buttons?

There is a slight difference between the two:

Invite employees - invite a colleague to the kiwiHR company account as a user without employee data. They would need to manually set up their account from scratch.

Add employees - invite a colleague to the kiwiHR company account as a user including adding their employee data. The employee does not have to set up their account from scratch.

How long is employee data accessible in our kiwiHR account?

Employee data will stay visible in the account up until the employee has been manually deleted. If you wish to keep the data and not delete the employee within the account you can deactivate their account. This will disable their access to kiwiHR while continuously providing you access to their profile and data.

note: data is only accessible if you have an active subscription.

How can I customise our user roles?

There are four default user roles at the moment:

  1. Account Owner

  2. Admin (all permissions incl. settings and payroll)

  3. Team Manager (permissions include attendance, time off, approval of requests)

  4. Employee

The possibility to customise default user roles or create new user roles isn't supported at the moment.

note: Someone who is assigned the account owner role can delete the company account as well as transfer the account ownership to another user. This is not possible within other roles.

My vacation days are not visible in my calendar. How can I make them visible (again)?

It can happen you enabled/disabled a functionality and can't remember where you done so. In order to make your vacation days visible again in your calendar, you can click on Calendar in the sidebar and on the top-right select Timeline. At the bottom you will see colourful icons. You can enable/disable the ☀️ sun icon (hide/show vacation).

How do I create time off reports

It is possible to create time off reports. Navigate to Time off > Requests. From here, select the Filter option in the top-left corner. You can go ahead and select the filters of your choice. You are able to filter individual employees, define them by Time off type and timeframe.

Alternative option: navigate to Time off > Balances and select the time off type in the top-right dropdown menu.

The described steps above give you an overview of employees and their (type of) absence. Giving you a better understanding how often employees have been out of office.

How can I add additional vacation days to an employee's balance?

You can edit the number of vacation days in three ways:

#1 Adjust the Time off policy - accessible to administrators

Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Time off and select on Time off policies. Select your Time off type by choice or create a new one.

note: If you would like to create a new Time off type please have a look at the following instructions.

On the left-side menu bar click on Time off types and select your Time off type by choice and edit the information.

#2 Adjust manually per employee

Navigate to Time off > Balances. Behind every employee you are able to see a little pencil icon. When hovering over the icon it says "Adjust balance". Click on the little pencil, adjust the balance and click on Save changes in the top-right corner.

#3 Adjust manually per employee

Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Time off and click on Time off policies. Select a Time off policy and click on Balances (a dropdown will be visible). Pick the time off type of your choice in the dropdown. Adjust the balance and click on Save changes in the top-right corner.

Audit security: how is this supported in kiwiHR?

Within our platform we support this in three ways:

#1 Access levels
to manage who can read/edit employee data

Navigate to Configuration in the sidebar > Permissions and access > Access levels.

#2 Access summary
each section in the employee profile has a lock icon 🔒 that shows who can access/edit data in it

Navigate to People in the sidebar > select employee of choice > Employee profile data. You can see the lock behind each header e.g.: Professional.

#3 Change history
in an employee profile you can see who changed profile data

Navigate to People in the sidebar > select employee of choice > Change history.

🟩 Time Off

How can I set up a company vacation for all employees?

At the moment, we do not support the possibility to set up a company vacation for all employees. However, as a workaround, you can create a time off type and activate it in the time off policy of the employees. From here you can enter the company vacation for all employees.

🟩 Attendance

Is it possible to limit individual functions for certain users/user groups?

At the moment we do not support this possibility in our platform. However, if you don't want to use time tracking (e.g. when you are starting with kiwiHR) as a workaround you could do the following:

Don't assign the employees to a work schedule for the time being, no expected attendances will then be stored. The employee could record working hours but no calculation of overtime etc. will happen.

Can I import working hours in order to record minus hours retroactively?

The import of working hours is currently not supported in our platform. However, the working time balances can be adjusted manually and thus the current overtime can be set up for the start with kiwiHR.

There are no working hours displayed for my employee for month X, how come?

Adjustments to the work schedules always have a retroactive effect up to the 1st of the month. If necessary, you can manually adjust the overtime account to the correct value tomorrow, after the calculation, since the overtime for the month is also recalculated.

🟩 Payroll

How can I upload payroll without activating a payment run? Do you support an DATEV interface?

At the moment we do not support an interface with DATEV.

However, in our platform you can create a folder in the employee profile and upload the payslips there. This way there is no need to create a payment run. The balances can be exported as CSV in the employee profile under Attendance > Overview - Month.

Navigate to Configuration > Employee folders. Create a new folder by clicking on the button + Add folder. After filling in the fields and creating the new folder you can go to the People tab and select an employee of choice. On the left-side (white) menu navigate to Documents and open the dropdown. You will find your newly created folder.

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